First Indoor Volleyball Academy for Kids

October 2019  Training

Cost  for the month of  October $48.00.  

Registration Fee $35.00. *ME Academy t-shirt free with registration

September  Monday Schedule

October 7th from 7pm-8pm- practice (ages 6-10)

October 7th  from 8pm-9pm- practice (ages 11 and up)

October 14th – CLOSED Columbus Day

October 21st from 7pm-9pm- games (ages 6-10)

October 21st  from 8pm-9pm- practice (ages 11 and up)

October 28thfrom 7pm-8pm- practice (ages 6-10)

October 28th from 8pm-9pm- practice (ages 11 and up)

Monday Gym Location: 13200 Bandera Rd. Helotes 78023

Terms and Condition: In order to participate the player must be a 2019 ME Volleyball Academy member. To be a member a $35.00 annual fee must be pay in additional to the monthly fee. ME Academy t-shirt free with registration!    *$25.00 annual fee  second player same family.   Cost are non refundable.


Safety Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures – We are asking you to help us to ensure that your child continues to be safe at the gym facility.  This is a reminder about the procedure for dropping off – Picking up  children, which is clear and ensures the safety and well being of all children in gym.

1. Ensure families understand they are required to sign in and out your child every time you plan to leave them at the facility. 2. This Policies and Procedures apply to all children, they are not to be left prior to the classes unless their respective parents/guardian sign the Drop off-Pick up list.

3. Every time you decide to drop off your child, the following information will be require prior to drop off:

A.Full name of the child

B. 2 contact  phone numbers

C. Drop off time

D. Pick up time

E. Parent/Guardian signature









Ages: 6 through High School

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