About Us

We’re celebrating our 13th Anniversary!

The achievements of an organization are the result of the combine effort of every individual. Thank you to our current members/staff and to everyone that came through or was by our side ever since 2011.

Happy 13th Anniversary ME Volleyball Academy!


In our hometown in Puerto Rico, volleyball is one of the most famous sport played year round. Our family comes from a long volleyball trajectory. Back in the 60’s, our first cousin was one of the most recognized players in our National Volleyball Team. Then in 1970, our cousin’s team flew to the Dominican Republic for a national competition and they won the Championship. Unfortunately, flying back to Puerto Rico their plane crashed and there were no survivors. This was a very difficult time for our family.

At the end of the 70’s, Marilyn, our oldest sister, started playing volleyball for different cities and communities in Puerto Rico. Eva, our youngest sister, was the team water girl. She was desperate to play and be part of the team, but due to her age she was not able to join the  team. During the games Eva got bored watching the team play, and suddenly it came to her mind to start practicing with a basketball because the team coach wouldn’t let her use the team balls. Years later the coach saw Eva playing and was surprised of all her abilities and talent. Right away he asked her to start practicing with the team. We will never forget the day when the coach asked Eva to serve for the first time. He was amazed!! The ball flew like a “fire ball”. From that day on Eva started playing with us, schools, and also was selected to play for different clubs.

Providing ME VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY is one of the ways we can carry on our cousin’s legacy and
serve the community. That has been our inspiration!! To open the academy, a place were children can
“learn and have fun”.

We want to thank our extended family, friends and customers for their support.  “QUE VIVA EL VOLEIBOL”!!!